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Mobile racing stool "Troll" will help you organize leisure time for children. It is perfect for relaxing on a break at school, for playing in a kindergarten, a play area in the shopping center or at home. These small stools on wheels can withstand an adult up to 100 kg. With these stools, you can arrange competitions, riding a race, or you can make a "train", linking a couple of trolls together. Every "Troll" has a rope-tail, so children "walk" their trolls and ride each other.

Available to order at BelsiHome

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троллики выезжают.gif


We also created a special parking lot for storing our "Trolls". This element teaches children to maintain order and it's also an additional place for sitting. This compact storage allows you to save space in the room and doesn't create a sense of clutter. Some kids like the process of "parking" in even more than racing.

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желтая длинная.png
желтая длинная.png
желтая длинная.png
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Storage capability

There are two types of "Trolls": 

1. Lightweight version 

2. A "Troll" with storage space. This type is more relevant for home use and for kindergartens, where compact storage plays an important role. You can put 3 flat containers inside or use the entire space if the items are too large

желтая длинная.png
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