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Our philosophy

We sincerely believe that education is the key to the harmonious development of not only one person, but also the whole society. After all, we all come from childhood.

That is why in design we specialize mainly in designing children's and educational spaces: interiors, furniture and equipment for them. Kindergartens, children's centers, schools, universities, as well as hospitals, museums, fablabs, etc.

We are familiar with all the main progressive educational concepts and design spaces and objects so that they help to implement them :)

Our advantages

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Always start not with the layout, but with the concept and scenario of the space

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Know how to make our projects real

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Respect the timing

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We don 't like conflict situations, so we try not to create them

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More than 15 years of experience

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Work worldwide

Studio heads


Kirill Cheburashkin


Graduate, teacher, and head of the furniture design department of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts
Created an autho
r's course on design theory and its application in practice.
Was born in a very large family - 10 brothers and sisters.
Father of three children.
Responsible for the concept, layout, invention, everything new and unknown; knows how to make anything from anything.


Elena Cheburashkina

A graduate of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, Instituto Europeo Di Design (Milan) and UCLA (the University of California. Los Angeles).
Winner of the Russian President's award for young artists in 2015.
Mother of three children. 
Responsible for concept, timing, color, and content; manages processes, atmosphere, and her husband

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