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Teacher's kitchen

The project "Teacher's kitchen" is an attempt to bring order to the teacher's workplace. The main goal of the project is to optimize the educational process and reduce the level of visual noise on the main wall of the classroom, in order to maximize the concentration of students' attention. To achieve these goals, a lot of work has been done to identify and classify current storage objects and technical devices for displaying information on the screen. The result of this work was the development of a set of modular furniture "Teacher's kitchen", which can be adapted to any configuration of the classroom and equipped with various types of elements, depending on the educational profile of a particular classroom. Procurement, assembly, and installation of the "Teacher's kitchen" is similar to a conventional kitchen: the customer has an opportunity to choose the overall configuration of the set, the color of the facades, the technical content of each element, the color, and the type of the blackboard - colored glass, magnetic-marker surface or a classic chalkboard.

Project authors: Maria Rybina, Kirill Cheburashkin. Availible to order at BelsiHome

шкаф учителя.gif

Thanks to specially designed fittings, all four doors of the chalkboard can be used on both sides!

Drawers, doors, or a stage?

The lower part of the "kitchen" can be equipped with shelves with doors, drawers of full extension, and for elementary school classes, there are special folding podiums that form a small stage. At this stage, you can read poems, and the smallest students can easily reach the top of the board.

желтая длинная.png

Sanitary zone

Primary school classrooms must have a sanitary area - a sink, a mirror, a trash container, and storage of disinfectants. Thanks to the "Teacher's kitchen" system, this area is "hidden" behind the sliding facades. When the facades are closed, this zone doesn't distract attention from the board.


For all the facades, a convenient opening system is provided - secret handles and push-to-open systems.


In the сentral part, you can place three types of boards at once - magnetic marker or chalk; interactive and the projector's screen. Behind the side doors, there are shallow shelves for storing large-sized drawing tools and everything necessary for servicing the board: markers, sponges, etc.

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