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Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin, Elena Koroleva
Working group: Polina Litomina
Moscow 2019

How does a request for designing an apartment for a young couple usually sound? "We want to have a bedroom, a dressing room, a kitchen-dining-living room, and an office. Later, if something's gonna change we will transform it into a children's room, but this is unlikely, we are not planning children soon." Those who are "not planned soon", usually appear before the repair is over :)

And then we appear! And transform ready-made offices, storerooms, guest rooms and even dressing rooms into children's rooms. It is often difficult for parents to decide - should they make a room for one or for two children, if the child is still one - and to this question we have an answer too! We are always on the side of the second bed in the room because even if the baby will never have a brother or sister, he will definitely have an aunt, grandmother, nanny, and then friends staying the night

Private interior in Moscow

In this project, the task was to design the entire space of the nursery only with the help of carpentry structures. The floor was already laid, the lamps were shining, the air was blowing and the walls were standing. No one wanted to make a new repair, so we came up with a project that can be completely assembled in the carpentry shop, and then carefully mounted into the object.


The room had an irregular shape, so we put bunk beds, 120 cm wide, in the niche, and used the remaining space for personal shelves, instead of bedside tables.


Despite the small size and complex configuration of the room, there is enough storage space: open shelves for books, niches for toys, drawers for bed linen and a large wardrobe with shelves and rods. All the walls around the sleeping places are finished with MDF panels in oak veneer.


The view from the window is an important thing, and unfortunately, it can't be designed together with the children's room. In this project, we were lucky - the view of a low-rise building and a wide boulevard perfectly complemented the interior and did not need to be hidden. We only hid the batteries, closed them with a carpenter's frame, but left holes for convection. This helped to save the feeling of a floor-to-ceiling window. A wide worktop stretches from wall to wall and can be easily used by two students.

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