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Mr. Krabbs

"Mr. Krabbs" is a combined piece of furniture that is able to satisfy the request for the organization of children's micro zones in public spaces - cafes, shopping centers, car or real estate sales offices and other places where it is important to occupy a child so that an adult can focus on their tasks.

Available to order at HORECA toys

желтая длинная.png

The image of a funny zoomorphic character is combined with the functionality of a desk and a gaming entertainment complex

The round seat of the Krabbs rotates around its axis, which not only makes it easier for the child to get in and out of the desk, but also allows him to play with a finger maze applied in relief to the surface of the seat

In the front part of the table top there is an interactive puzzle mosaic, which promotes the development of imagination and fine motor skills

Disassembled, the item can be stored and transported in a flat compact package

желтая длинная.png
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