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Anastasia Children's Charity Foundation has been working for many years to help and give joy and hope to children with special needs and their parents. A wonderful team of people works in the project and we wanted to create an interior for them that would emphasize the spirit and mood of the foundation, be comfortable for employees and friendly for visitors

Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Ekaterina Kalugina
Krasnodar, 2020

Anastasia Charitable Foundation office


Main office

Lounge zone


The foundation's office is located on the territory of the Place community center and includes the main and back offices, a lecture hall and a waiting area, an archive, a kitchen and a toilet

The main office of the foundation is divided into two parts. One, the administrative one, is designed for two managers and is highlighted in color, as well as separated by a glass partition


In the rest there are tables of key employees of the fund. The main stylistic highlight was the color spots of complex noble shades, combined with the corporate identity of the foundation. Our favorite is a huge suspended structure with plants located under the ceiling

Hallway / archive

The main office is separated from the rest of the foundation by a large corridor. We decided to arrange an archive in this zone. Thanks to the competent layout and light tones, huge cabinets on both walls do not catch the eye and visually merge with the wall.
With two bright spots of corporate green color, we highlighted the entrances to one and the second part of the fund. By the way, the drawing on the facades continues the theme of the fairy forest, which we started in the corridor of the Place


Let's agree, it is very difficult to work well when there is no opportunity to sneak away for tea and delicious cookies for five minutes. Therefore, it was extremely important to equip a nice cozy kitchen for employees. The same room is used for corporate meetings and meetings with partners

Back office

Just like in Oz, the yellow brick road led to the heroes, yellow steps lead to our back offices


When planning the back office, we faced several difficulties. The room originally had the shape of an inverted letter T, on the right and left there were narrow long corridors, at the end of each of which there were podiums.
We decided to separate these side parts and turn them into comfortable work areas with long countertops along the windows. Visually, we divide the corridors into two parts - in the first there is a work desk area, and in the second, on the podium, cabinets for storing documents and comfortable poufs.
Both side offices are symmetrical and differ only in color - blue and yellow

In the central part of the back office there are several more desks, a cozy small area for visitors, bookcrossing and a lecture hall

A lecture hall is a universal room where you can conduct trainings, give lectures, and make presentations. This room can also be converted into a personal office



You know how much we love working on toilets. Despite the obvious limitations of the functions of this room, there are no limitations of imagination here!

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