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Kindergarten №1507

Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Yevgeny Cheburashkin
Moscow 2015

The project was realized in two steps at the Kindergarten at 12 Fomicheva street. Our task was to identify and remove the disadvantages of a combined group room in a kindergarten building with a small area and the most typical layout in Russia "2MG-04-3".

The peculiarity of the combined group room is the absence of a separate room for sleeping. In a group with a total area of 70 square meters, 27 children played, studied, ate and slept. Teachers had to transform the space twice a day, which took a lot of time and effort. Children did not have enough space to play and study. Parents complained about the old-fashioned interior.


The most unusual and interesting thing in the updated interior is the bed system, called "Garage". Sleeping places, the sides of which are made in the form of cars, are easily moved out from under the podium, which occupies about half of the room.

With the help of the podium, the room became more complex, with a clear division into functional zones.

The upper part is a dining room and part-time room for children's classes. And the lower one, where beds are moved during the sleep hour, is a playroom.

ромб желтые точки.png

Because of the "Garage" system, the entire useful area of the room is used for games and classes. And the beds are moved out from under the podium only during sleep 

w1976 (1).jpg
w1976 (6).jpg
режим игры.png

Play/Study mode

Stackable furniture allows you to free up space for events at any time

режим сна.png

Sleeping mode

4 стрелка.png
4 стрелка.png

The traffic light and the truck

Studies have shown that the use of analog principles of interactive interaction is important for the growth and development of young children.

The set of interactive boards " SDA "is a combination of a busy-board and a board with a magnetic-marker cover. That gives children the opportunity to interactively learn about themselves and the world around them.
The "truck" has the turn signals, the flashing light on the t
op and the headlightning. 
The "traffic light" has three separate colored light signals.

Not only the main space of the group has been thought out


The locker room received a new modular locker system with elaborate "interior" and handles that act as temporary hangers and identification plates. Bright colors make the room visually more spacious and cheerful.

w1976 (4).jpg
w1976 (3).jpg

The bathroom has not only a separate shower cabin for adults, but also a partition that separates the toilets from the washbasins, and at the same time acting as a towel rack. There is also a large wardrobe for storing household supplies.

желтая длинная.png
желтая длинная.png
паттерн линия копия длинная.png
паттерн линия копия длинная.png


w1976 (7).jpg

The lack of space provoked conflicts among employees: they were irritated by the need to share lockers for outerwear with each other and the lack of a separate "adult" toilet. Redevelopment and ergonomic furniture helped to improve the situation.

4 стрелка.png

Special attention was paid to the comfort of staff and educators:
happy educator = happy child 

4 стрелка.png
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