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Mobile children's desk with an ability to change the height "Eggomobil" is a workplace for children from 3 to 7 years old and a toy at the same time. It was designed specifically for a slow and comfy transition from play to study.

"Eggomobil" can be a car, a carriage, a helicopter or a submarine (depending on the removable magnetic element installed on the roof – flasher, crown, propeller or periscope). The seat and the tabletop can be fixed at different heights in accordance with the norms of the growth group.

Available to order at BelsiHome

желтая длинная.png
ромб голубые точки.png
14 png.png
3 png.png
ромб желтые точки.png
2 png.png
желтая длинная.png

The way it started off


We were inspired to create Eggomobil by the diploma project of our student Arseniy Lubkov in 2014. With him, we worked on creating a mobile workplace for open-space offices. The workplace turned out great and received the audience award at SaloneSatellite 2014, but no one asked about the price - it looked too shocking to use at the office. Then we rethought this project, took all the best from the "elder" brother, corrected all the shortcomings and created "Eggomobil" for children. The first model has helped us many times to convince the management of kindergartens and parents that our "egg" is comfy for anyone :)

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