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Table "Eddy" and chair "Teddy"

Stackable tables and chairs are designed specifically for kindergartens and other children's public spaces. Their height can be changed for different growth groups with special additional elements. The tabletop has a round hole that is used as a handle when carrying and stacking. Also, you can use it for a pencil box or napkins during lunch. There is an option to add a pattern of the playing field with a maze or other thematic images. The stiffeners and growth elements of the legs can be finished in any color according to RAL and NCS, so the furniture will fit any interior. The chair is ergonomic, light and easy to carry, both one by one and in pairs due to the handles located in the upper part of the back.

Available to order at BelsiHome

желтая длинная.png
ромб желтые точки.png
8 png.png
9 png.png
ромб желтые точки на нет.png
ромб желтые точки на нет.png
10 png.png

"Strength, durability and vandal resistance are the most important qualities for children's furniture. "Eddy" and "Teddy" can be used not only by the child but also by parents"

Tabletop engraving options

1. Musical instruments


2. Cloths


3. Animals


4. Seasons


5. Space


Examples of use in the interior


Compact transport and storage

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