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"Yellow Submarine 3.3"

School №149, typical design И-1605А

Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Elizabeth Andreyko, Mary Rhybina, Natalya and Alexei Sibilev

Materials and accessories: EGGER, BLUM, OLSTA

Moscow 2018

This is the second classroom of the primary school that was reconstructed as a part of the "Yellow Submarine" project. We've analyzed the previous experience and made some changes- the main storage area for teaching material and personal belongings of the teacher was moved to the front wall and combined with the blackboard in the "Teacher's kitchen" system; on the back wall, in addition to boxes for storing personal belongings of kids and a zone with a water cooler, vertical gardening of hypoallergenic plants was organized; linoleum is installed on the walls at a height of 90 cm to protect them from contamination and mechanical damage.

In addition to designing the furniture and interior, we found a solution to the problem with the recuperative heating system, because of which there was an excess of spent warm air in the classroom. The problem was solved by installing 2 silent exhaust fans at the technological joints of the wall that separates the classroom from the corridor.

паттерн линия короткая.png

"Deep large boxes were inconvenient - by the end of the quarter, the children did not know what was at the bottom and used only the upper layers"

In the new storage system, each student has two individual boxes - one for sports, and one for arts.

шкаф учителя.gif
стол квадрат.png

Teacher's kitchen

The furniture system "Teacher's kitchen" is an attempt to restore order in the teacher's workplace, and to establish the educational process not only for the teacher but also for students. We also wanted to reduce the level of visual noise on the main wall of the classroom, in order to maximize the concentration of students' attention to educational information.
The сentral section combines a chalkboard, a projector screen, and storage of large drawing tools. The upper sections are intended for storing seasonal items and rarely-used teaching guides (Christmas tree, decorations, posters). A sink and a bin are hidden in the right section, and in the left one, there is a place for storing manuals and personal belongings of the teacher. The two central lower sections are podiums with which you can organize a small stage.


Water cooler

Each child has its own place for a cup with the same icon and number as on the box for storing personal belongings. This is eco-friendly because allows avoiding 100 discarded plastic cups a day

парта с фоном.png

More than just a desk!

Especially for this project, we designed table tops with a hole for a pencil holder and a markup for a notebook's correct angle 

Info boards

On the wall with an entrance door, there are information boards - cork and magnetic - and aboard for the exhibition of drawings and crafts

ромб желтые точки.png

Pro-shariki interactive game

The rules:

2 players build trajectories of straight and curved elements of different colors on a magnetic-marker board. Then they simultaneously launch 2 balls to the finish line. The winner is the player whose "athlete" comes last.

Game PRO-shariki develops:

 - intuitive understanding of physics

-strategic thinking

-fighting spirit


-logical thinking

прошарики с тенью.png
паттерн линия копия длинная.png
паттерн линия копия длинная.png
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