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"Yellow Submarine 2.3"

School №149, typical design И-1605А

Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Yevgeny Cheburashkin, Elizaveta Andreyko, Anastasia Kemler

Moscow 2017

Nowadays, lots of new schools are built with multi-functional classrooms, large two-light recreations, and high-quality, modern finishing materials. But most of our children will be studying at the old fashioned schools for many years to come. Therefore, one of the most important areas of our activity is the creation of design solutions for the reconstruction of standard classrooms, recreation areas, entrance areas, etc.

The main objective of the "Yellow Submarine 2.3" project was to create a friendly and comfortable educational environment to facilitate the adaptation period of first-graders. In addition to the reconstruction of the classroom in the primary school area, we also developed a project of corridors, recreation areas and bathrooms.

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паттерн линия.png

"First-graders were recently in a kindergarten, where everything is very different. We wanted them to feel like home here"


According to our concept, education in primary school should turn into a fascinating 4-year immersion into the world of knowledge on a yellow submarine. That's why identical doors of rich yellow color with round glass portholes were installed throughout the primary school area. ​They visually unite the space, plus allow adults to observe what is happening in the classroom without opening the door.

ромб желтые точки.png

Water cooler


Each child has its own place for a cup with the same icon and number as on the box for storing personal belongings. This is eco-friendly because allows avoiding 100 discarded plastic cups a day

Towards the back there are boxes for storing personal belongings of students - each box has an identification plate with a number and an icon. Above personal boxes, there are cabinets for storing teaching materials.

Nearby are a children's recreation area and an analog interactive clock for learning the alphabet, numbers, seasons, and cardinal points.


In the teacher's area, there is a large number of spaces for storing not only teaching materials but also the personal belongings of the teacher. The teacher's desk is designed to accommodate all the necessary office equipment.

ромб желтые точки.png
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Analog interactive clock

The clock helps children learn how to determine the time, the cardinal points, the seasons, and more. There is also a recreation area and part of the individual storage boxes

Sanitary zone

with a sink must be presented in every elementary school classroom. In this project, the sanitary zone is integrated as delicate as possible into the classroom interior.

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мужской туалет дверь.png

Initially, the plan was only to re-equip the learning space, but after looking at the bathrooms, it became clear that all updates will be meaningless, as long as these rooms remain as they are

 "The booths here, by a strange coincidence, were double - two toilets behind one door, a few doors had no locks. But modern children visit malls and know that the doors can be locked"

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