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Private school in Moscow
Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Ekaterina Kalugina, Elizaveta Andreyko, Polina Litomina, Ekaterina Abramova
Moscow 2019

The educational center combines a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary school. In addition to the basic subjects, studied according to the author's methods of the best teachers in the country, special attention is paid to the world culture and art. Students regularly visit exhibitions and art galleries. The educational center has a theater, a large library, a chess room, several sports grounds, a "health trail" in the park, a dining room, and large common halls and recreation areas with comfortable places for relaxing and playing


Central hall
Concept №1
Scandinavian classics

The heart of the project became its main hall, for which we offered a number of concepts.

The concept "Scandinavian classics" is characterized by an abundance of light, air, light wood species, and active use of plywood elements.

In the center of the hall, by coincidence, a pool had already been dug. That was not quite appropriate. Instead, we proposed a small amphitheater with comfortable seating cushions and a large game maze in the center.

Also, one of the customer's wishes was to organize a large free space for a changing exhibition of works of art. For this purpose, we have equipped both walls of the hall with wooden slats for mounting suspensions



Central hall
Concept №2
Ancient world

The second concept is Ancient Greece, a celebration of science, art, and sports. Preference is given to natural materials: marble and wood.

On the walls, there are graphic images of "science", "art" and "sport" with partial use of inserts of colored ceramics.


We didn't forget about the design of the "amphitheater" zone either. It was equipped with an "archaeological" floor, through small glass windows children can view and study fossils and shells hidden under the floor covering.



Central hall
Concept №3
Tree of knowledge

The hall is turned into a cozy clearing under a huge tree crown, made of bars of different sizes and supplemented with the names of the main school disciplines and scientific directions.

One of the walls is completely given over to vertical landscaping, which further enhances the feeling of being in nature.



Central hall
Concept №4

We are sure that not only children but also a number of teachers would be happy with such a change of activity at recess


The perkiest and most bold of our concerts! We considered the school as a place not only for studying but also for physical activity. The main element in the hall is a large spiral slide, with which children can quickly descend directly from the second floor to the dry pool filled with plastic balls

паттерн линия копия длинная.png

The corridors of the first floor

The first floor is a universal zone, which is equally used by students, teachers, school administrators and parents, that's why the corridor, in our opinion, should be as neutral as possible. Strict, but interesting, restrained, but with bright accents, finished with modern stylish materials, but vandal-resistant.

That is why we suggested using relief ceramic tiles of rich colors to finish the walls of the corridor. We have put together a composition inspired by the art of the avant-garde, which, first of all, visually expands the narrow and elongated layout of the corridor, and, second of all, hints at one of the main directions of the school - the artistic development of children.

паттерн линия копия длинная.png

Main hall of the 2nd floor

The concept of this zone is an adventure on the bookshelf. The design and finishing materials are more modern here. The doors are made in the form of book covers with a window in the shape of a bookmark. Each of them is equipped with a lightboard for naming the room.


The walls are covered with damage-resistant HPL panels, with book spines engraved on them. Some of the books are voluminous and serve as benches or decorative elements. Glazed ceramics visually connects the space of the second floor with the first. The walls are also equipped with analog game panels and playhouses for hiding.

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