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This project has become our second experience of working with the Anastasia Foundation. Previously, we designed a small office in Krasnodar, which was part of the Shamariki Children's Center.

Now the fund has grown and it was decided to place the head office in Moscow. The space was interesting, but difficult - on a fairly small area it was necessary to organize a comfortable open space work area, several private offices, a kitchen, a meeting room, several bathrooms, a large archive and a comfortable area for visitors to stay.

The solution was the construction of the second floor for half of the entire space. On the ground floor we placed the workplaces of the main employees, a meeting room, and various staff rooms, and the second floor was given over to private offices of the fund's managers. Thus, the office will be cozy, spacious and roomy at the same time

Managers: Kirill and Elena Cheburashkin
Working group: Ekaterina Kalugina
Moscow, 2021

Anastasia Charitable Foundation office


Lounge zone

The first space that meets the visitor of the foundation is a recreation area. Here we have equipped a comfortable sofa, as well as a small play area for children

We wanted the visitor to feel at home from the first minutes - in comfort and tranquility. Often, the foundation's clients are children with serious illnesses and their very worried parents. A visit to the foundation should become a kind of island of tranquility for them and instill confidence that everything will work out


The work of a charitable foundation is always not easy. A huge amount of work, a lot of documents and negotiations, a whole group of employees is actively working to help the foundation's clients.

The ideal solution was an open work area where employees can quickly transfer information to each other, solve work tasks collectively and always be aware of events. We tried to maintain the design in a business style, but dilute it with a warm wood texture. the main color in the interior was dark green - the corporate color of the foundation

Meeting room

There is a small meeting room next to the entrance area. An interesting solution was to finish the walls with felt panels. Visually, they look nice and cozy, and also have excellent acoustic characteristics without letting in unnecessary noise into the room and not letting it out. The color we chose was neutral beige and sunny yellow


One of the most important rooms for each office is, of course, the kitchen. Topical issues and the latest news are discussed here, as well as the most delicious tea in the world is brewed

In terms of design, we decided this room in a general style - neutral basic shades, bright accents of terracotta color and colored paint on the wall

Also, in order not to separate this space with a rather low ceiling into a closed bunker, we made an unusual decision and made a window through which the main office space and sunlight are visible


2nd floor

On the second, half-floor, we have placed three offices for fund managers. It was decided to make the walls of the offices glass in order to provide the workplaces with sufficient natural insolation, as well as visually combine the interior space of the offices and the space of the office itself

Private offices

Each of the three cabinets received its own color marking. We decided on colors that are in harmony with the rest of the office space and the overall color scheme of the project. Yellow, blue and orange

The office is only half colored and is visible, for the most part, only to the visitor. Working at a desk, an employee sees a neutral beige color in front of him and a large window into the main office space, so it will be difficult to get tired of a bright office :) 

The window can additionally be used as a convenient marker board


We have placed another WC on the second floor of the office so that employees do not have to run up and down the stairs

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